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How Chitosan Oligosaccharide Fight Against Cancer
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Chitosan is positively charged dietary fiber and will form a coating on surface of cancer cells, this coating will
     First, cut down the nutrient supply to the cancer cells to inhibit cell division;
     Second, to reduce the acidic waste from cancer cell metabolizing, on the other hand improve the acidic environment around the cancer cells, making it is difficult for cancer cell to survive .
     Third, reduce the release of various enzyme and also make various enzymes reducing to catalyze the surrounding healthy cells.
In addition, chitosan oligosaccharide can activate immune cells, enhancing the ability to fight against cancer cells; making the surrouding of cancer cells acidic, neutralizing acidic substances around tumor, accelerate the metabolism of toxic substances, playing an active role in chemotherapy, improving symptoms, alleviating suffering and prolonging life .

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