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Application of Chitosan in agriculture
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Chitosan application in agriculture

Chitosan is rich in many nutrients  as well as a variety of trace mineral elements calcium, iron, magnesium and the like  that required for plant growth

Why Chitosan can prevent fruit'syellowing disease prevention?
 Chitosan has a variety of nutrients needed for growth of fruit trees; can improve the content and availability of soil nutrients; and control a variety of fungal virus  and induce  diseases and root-knot nematodes and other pests; can activate cells, repair damaged root system, promote rooting strong roots and Pocan; also promote the endogenous regulatory, balanced nutrition rapid transport to the desired location, solve Fruit yellow disease fundamentally.

Why Chitosan is a versatile soil conditioner?
Chitosan is regarded as a kind of biological origin linear polysaccharide, is a natural soil microbial culture,  promoting the large population of soil microbes, increasing microbial activity, which can effectively improve soil physical environment, promoting the formation of soil aggregate structure, increasing soil porosity,. Growth-promoting microorganisms with cellulolytic bacteria, azotobacter etc, can accelerate the decomposition of soil organic matter and increase soil nitrogen content; chitosan itself  is efficient chelating mineral elements in soil, thereby improving soil fertility. So, chitosan can solve the problem of soil compaction, soil salinization ease, improve soil fertility, it is a versatile soil improver.

Why Chitosan is the best preservative raw fruits and vegetables?
Chitosan has superior film-forming properties, which can prevent fruit and vegetable from reducing moisture during transpiration and weight loss; inhibit the oxidation of breathing, keep fruits and vegetables color and hardness; prevent sugar acid decreased, increase vitamin C content; improve cell stability and prevent leakage of contents ; prevent free radical damage to cell membranes, delaying cell aging; clean the surface of fruits and vegetables, thicker cell wall, induced phytoalexin, to prevent bacteria infection; have a strong inhibitory effect on Gram-positive and negative bacteria.

Why Chitosan is the first choice for the production of green pollution-free agricultural fertilizer?
Chitosan functions as a kind of pure biogenic fertilizer products, non-hormone, both fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormone acts, but also improve the soil, improving the quality, rooting Pocan role; both increase production, improve agricultural product quality level effect.

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